Venturi is the game show with a unique way to win a million.

In the studio are 100 floating white spheres. Hidden in this grid are 10 winning (green) spheres and 6 losing (red) spheres. By correctly answering general knowledge questions, the contestant may reveal the colour of spheres.

The aim is to find as many green spheres as possible, while avoiding the red ones.

How does it work?

Two players begin the game and the audience choose which player is to be the Contestant and which is the Sentinel. The Contestant goes on to answer questions while the Sentinel observes and tries to thwart their progress.

The Sentinel may steal the prize money if the player finds more red spheres than green by the end of the game.


The Contestant starts with 10 points. They are asked 9 general knowledge questions that are worth:

  • 10 points if answered without help
  • 6 points if given a four-answer multiple choice
  • 3 points if given a two-answer multiple choice
  • 0 points if incorrectly answered. The Sentinel is also allowed to hide an extra red sphere in the grid

After each question, the contestant chooses spheres from the game grid via a spectacular virtual panel; one sphere for each point earned. In the final segment of the game, the 10 points from the start of the show are used to collect spheres by hand from the studio.

The total number of winning spheres found determines the prize money, up to a maximum of 1 million for all 10 green spheres.

The player can seek help from an audience member of their choice once during the game.

The Sentinel

The ‘eliminated’ person watches the game unfold. For each question the Contestant answers incorrectly, the Sentinel hides a red sphere in the game grid, thus increasing their chances of stealing the prize.

If the number of red spheres found by the Contestant is greater than the number of green, the Sentinel steals all the prize money. If the number of uncovered red and green spheres are equal, the Contestant wins and the Sentinel is invited back the following week to try and become the Contestant.

Innovative design

Venturi, with its visually striking studio layout and cutting edge graphics never before seen in a TV game show, is a deceptively simple game. Every contestant plays for the prize money, whether they have collected 10 spheres or 90. The game combines strategy, tension, skill and suspense in equal measure.

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