Example game

Below is a fictitious example game of Venturi, played to highlight some of the features of the show.

Answering questions

Once the audience have chosen who is the Contestant and who is the Sentinel, the Contestant answers her first six questions correctly — for one of which she calls upon her White Knight. After each question she uses the virtual panel (see picture) to uncover 10 spheres. Let’s assume she finds 5 green spheres and 2 red spheres.

Example of the Venturi virtual screen

She risks an answer ~~on question 7 ~~but is wrong so she receives no points: the Sentinel hides a new red sphere in the game grid.

She is unsure of the answer to question 8 and asks for a choice between two options. The correct answer earns her the chance to uncover three spheres, though she finds one red sphere and no greens.

On her final question she also answers correctly after asking for a choice-of-four answers. The six spheres she wins for this question reveal one more red sphere and two more green spheres.

At this point her seven green spheres would give her a total prize money of 50 000. But she has found 4 red spheres.

Walking the studio

She collects the final ten spheres by hand from the studio. The TV audience can see the location of the red and green spheres and can see where the Contestant is in the studio via an on-screen map. After some tense near-misses, she finds a fifth losing sphere and an eighth winning sphere.

At the end of the game she has therefore beaten the Sentinel and wins 100 000.