Comedy shortz

Some people believe the test card colour bars are a technical and automatic process used for the adjustment of a television set. Others think they disappeared a long time ago from our screens.

That’s false! The coloured bars are living and well. In fact, it’s a real production with a supporting artistic team; actors, director and first class technicians.

The Barz gives an insight into the making of the coloured bars~~. It enables us to discover the background to the shooting schedule, which resembles a typical set:~~ the actors are sometimes irritable; the director — convinced he’s producing a major opus — is stressed; and the supporting staff have to work around the problems.

From the cast ordering pizza; the janitor wandering on-camera cleaning the floor; Green feeling unwell; the bars being badly painted; or simple rivalry between colours, it’s a quirky and original series that will put a smile on the face of anyone watching.