How it works

Ad-Dicted is a perfect vehicle for launching new products or services. During a single advert break, the inter-screen gaps can be sponsored by many different advertisers. Alternatively, a single advertiser can use the whole break to raise product awareness or brand recognition of a new product.

The word spelled out during the break will usually be product-related and the prize may be too.

Touch points

By using text message to enter competitions, your customers are reaching out to you, closing the loop and providing valuable feedback on your marketing campaign.

You may then choose to tailor future products to this audience or offer promotions direct to these customers who you know already have an interest in your company.

Focus your audience

There are other advantages to advertising in this manner, not least of which is that viewer attention is focused on the adverts while participating in the game. Ad-Dicted is therefore an ideal vehicle for raising the profile of a brand as a market leader; Ad-Dicted helps keep viewers’ hands off the remote.

It also helps your message reach the audience even if the breaks are fast-forwarded with Sky+ or TiVO/Replay~~. Those viewers who are not actively participating in the game still see~~ the inter-screens containing product logos flash by as they skip through the adverts.