Here are some brochures and pictures available for download to demonstrate the Ad-Dicted concept and show how it increases TV advertising revenue:

<span class="h3">Advertisers</span> Why not make the first move and contact us directly to see how Ad-Dicted can make your brand stand out from the others.
WhyAd-Dicted_AD.pdf [113.42kB]
<span class="h3">Broadcasters</span> See why you should offer your advertisers another reason to choose your channels, and your viewers less reason to switch to an alternative channel during the breaks.
WhyAd-Dicted_BC.pdf [113.86kB]
<span class="h3">Media Agencies</span> See why you should offer your advertisers this unique way of promoting themselves.
WhyAd-Dicted_MA.pdf [113.87kB]
<span class="h3">Game Flow</span> A picture showing the logical flow of a game of Ad-Dicted being broadcast during an advert break.
WhyAd-Dicted_Play.pdf [1.08MB]