The company

Little Nemo is a European Think Tank formed in 1986 to create, manage and introduce to market innovative concepts for a variety of industries and services, now primarily television.

In 1987, Little Nemo designed KLUB~~ for Minitel in France. This can be regarded as~~ the first version of News Groups, introduced later on the Internet.

Little Nemo then created a new genetic race of white post carrier pigeons (they are usually grey). With these pigeons, we developed direct marketing actions like invitation mailings, new product introduction mailings etc.

Television and game shows


In 2003, Little Nemo entered the media world with Ad-Dicted, an innovative way to further financially leverage the existing TV commercials infrastructure, through the utilization of the brief blank space between two consecutive TV ads.


In 2004, Little Nemo introduced Venturi, a new type of TV game show, played in an atmospheric studio designed to add drama to an already tense game.

Virtual Supporter

We then officially launched Virtual Supporter at Sportel and Soccerex 2005. It is an SMS TV format added during a televised live sporting match, making it possible to capture and channel all the supporters’ enthusiasm to the stadium; even to the players’ or supporters’ shirts!

100 Seconds of Fame

For MipTV in 2007, Little Nemo presented 100 Seconds of Fame, a game show that challenges contestants to create entertaining stories to please the crowd below.

The contestants stand on a podium and deliver their speeches to win the audience vote. Survivors go through until eventually one is crowned the “Grand Orator”.

The Bottom Line

A new game show, The Bottom Line, was added to the portfolio and demonstrated at Mipcom 2007. More details will be posted soon.

Official Kabo distributor

In September 2007, Little Nemo signed an agreement for worldwide distribution rights to The Barz and Cash or Splash, created by Kabo Productions.

These two short formats ~~are ~~designed for identity branding and entertainment between main programmes.