The atmosphere

The competition inspiration is the early part of the twentieth century when television did not exist. It resembles the political meetings of the Thirties such as those depicted in Citizen Kane or the Gotham City press conferences of Batman movies.

The podium

The oratory tribune in use

The speaking contestant stands behind an oratory tribune with members of the audience in front of them. The camera moves vertically to show the contestant and audience in a perspective rarely seen on television; looking up at the contestant from the audience’s viewpoint or vice versa.

If the wall behind the contestant is bare, their photo and name can be projected onto it.

The three troublemakers

Among the audience are three moles; “snipers of the invective” who can heckle the speakers during or after their speech in order to destabilize their arguments.

Contestants worthy of a place in the weekly showdown and later programmes will rise to these challenges and give back as good as they get. Only contestants who can think on their feet need apply!


The format lends itself to special editions such as celebrity versions or themed events where all the words/topics are related. For example, in “Star Trek” or “Ancient Rome” versions the studio, contestants and audience members can be dressed accordingly.