Talk the talk

For people that have the gift of the gab, 100 Seconds of Fame offers the chance to prove it. The format usually runs daily ~~ — although the frequency can be altered depending on the network — ~~ and consists of three rounds:

Round 1: The strangest story

Four contestants begin each episode and their first challenge is to take five random words and weave them into a convincing story in 100 seconds. For example:

Electron, Penguin, Spring, Comet, Javelin.

Mona Lisa, DVD, Violin, Trousers, Cherry.

The crowd below vote the three most entertaining stories through.

Round 2: The unacceptable opinion

Each contestant will ~~then~~ have 100 seconds to defend an awkward, possibly controversial, case in the most original manner. Examples:

I encourage my children to smoke at the age of 12

Exercise wears the heart out and should not be permitted

Vigilanteism should be made legal

The audience vote the two cases they believe have the most merit through to the final round.

Round 3: The impossible question

The last two contestants are asked an “impossible” question with two options. It’s decided who talks about which option, and the two take turns to win the audience vote in just 100 seconds. Examples:

When a contemporary painting is not expensive, is it still Art?

Should war conflicts be settled by snowballs or pillow fights?

Who would look better in a bikini: Darth Vader or Robocop?

The audience decide the winner and that contestant goes through to the weekly tournament (usually on Friday) to find the best orator of the week.


Every month, in prime time, is a semi-final for the best four weekly winners to compete. After sixteen weeks, the final takes place between the monthly winners.

Alternatively, each show can be stand alone and a prize offered per show. Depending on the style and frequency of the show you intend to broadcast, the prize could be, for example:

  • 100 Seconds of Fame — free speech for 100 seconds on any topic: yourself, a charity, a current event. Start a new career or a revolution!
  • Money, a trophy
  • The celebrity itself, or winning the job of hosting another TV show